Business Model

Mission statement

Intermark-tms, provides complete business-to-business marketing and management services for foreign based companies as part of an organized approach toward effectively entering and penetrating the Dutch/European market.

Keywords: reliability, quality, efficiency.


International businesspeople increasingly recognize the fact that knowledge and understanding of foreign markets is an essential aspect of successful export development.

Role & responsibility

As intermediair we see it as our role and responsibility to advice and support our client with their business interest on the Dutch-European market. In order to give effective support to our clients, we have created a solid network of (inter)national business partners, each a specialist in his or her own field. In this way we are able to be more effective for our client in a shorter period of time in which Intermark-tms will be overall responsible. Most of our projects are confidential.


Based on information received via email or via contact form we will send you our business proposal (BP) including program and cost preview (your investment).