International Trade

As it says in the name: Intermark, Trade & Marketing Services.
This division is a spin-off as a result of our marketing activities with accent on trade by our firm. It is a specialized division that will focus on the many trade & profit opportunities that are waiting worldwide.

Due to our success with trade, we believe that this chapter in our website can tell you about our trade mission, mostly created by our consultancy work where you meet many people and projects worldwide that inform us about fascinating products that are in need for trade transactions, so all involved are happy.

Also interesting to mention is that more manufacturers worldwide recognize that it is in their benefit to see how our marketing firm develop trade, than waiting for a trade company how they develop their marketing.... So we decided to start trade activities as a mayor business and profit center within our spectrum of international business projects.

We welcome your opinion and requirements.

Intermark, Trade & Marketing Services are truly pioneers of international marketing and business development. We develop and protect the international business interest for our global clients.

We like to share with you these business expressions