Reasons to choose for Intermark, Trade & Marketing Services

We are proud to mention a few facts.
Our consultancy does have a long time history in international marketing and business development.

We started our activities in 1977 with the foundation of Intermark, Trade & Marketing Services and is member of the Chamber of Commerce, The Hague.

Since that moment we have build-up a solid and long time network of business partners -each a specialist in her or his field- for The Netherlands and in many other countries.

We have a solid business network with mayor Dutch government trade offices in order to organize marketing & business projects smooth and efficient, either for buying from or selling to that particular country.

Our consultants does have at least 15 years of expertise to support your business interest the best way possible.

After all the Dutch established the “Vereenigde Oost Indisch Compagnie”, the VOC in 1602, which was the worlds first multi-national. So the Dutch have build up quite some expertise through the years in international operating business activities in search and business processes.

Intermark, Trade & Marketing Services are truly pioneers of international marketing and business development. We develop and protect the international business interest for our global clients.

The Netherlands is well known as The Business Gateway to Europe.

We invite you to start a dialog with us to discuss the way we can support your business interest. Please send your request via email.